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The TV Rejects was founded by Hugbot, Porkchoppoo, MyTEO, and BooneBros as a way to bring together a variety of gaming and live streaming communities together, to share experience and experiences, allowing everyone to benefit from cooperation and cross promotion all while having loads of fun. The idea behind this project was born in the mind of Pete Napurski, known to many of you as The Hug Bot, or Hugbot. The desire to see his friends succeed as streamers, and have lots of fun while doing it, was the inspiration behind the idea. And we were very happy to help bring that idea into reality.

Hugbot Loves You

Hugbot, Hugs & Butts

From a young age, Pete has been dealing with health related challenges, including Type 1 Diabetes. He suffers from Kidney Disease, is in Renal Failure, and requires Dialysis to survive. He has been hospitalized frequently over the last few years, but through it all, he has managed to be a bright light in our community. Through friendship and his joyous (and bonky) sense of humor, Pete has managed to put smiles on faces all around him, even when he was in pain and suffering.

Hugbot’s Current Situation

Posted December 30, 2021:

On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Pete went into respiratory failure. He is currently in an Intensive Care Unit on life support. Prior to respiratory failure, paralysis had been developing, and it was originally believed to be caused by Diabetic Neuropathy. It now appears that the paralysis and respiratory failure may have, at least in part, been caused by Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) which his doctors indicated may have been caused by vaccination. While there is no cure for GBS, treatments can ease the symptoms and shorten the length of the illness, and Pete is currently undergoing these treatments.

The news that Pete’s current condition may have been caused by GBS was good. It meant that there was a treatment option that could help him breath on his own again and eventually regain mobility. This doesn’t mean Pete is out of the woods, GBS can cause abnormal heart rates and blood pressure, further complicating his existing health conditions.

During most of Pete’s hospitalization, he has been on a ventilator and heavily sedated, but there he has been able to communicate by nodding his head. Pete’s family has informed him of the overwhelming amount of love and support the communities that mean so much to him have shown, and that is a medicine of incalculable value, and we appreciate each and every one of you for showing your support through donations, kind words, and heartfelt gestures.

Hugbot: Enhancing Life Through Friendship & Gaming

We have received a lot of questions regarding how you can help Hugbot. Porkchoppoo, a longtime friend of Pete’s, set up a GoFundMe to help alleviate the financial burden he or his family faces. If you are willing and able to contribute, please do so, the financial support will help ease some of the burden they face. If you are unable to donate, that is ok, consider sharing the link to the GoFundMe so others may see it.

And remember, if you play games with your friends and celebrate the ridiculous and goofy things that pop up unexpectedly, you are honoring the spirit of Hugbot. Hugs & Butts! <3

Hugbot’s GoFundMe:

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