The Hug Bot (Hugbot)

Hugbot Will Be Missed

At approximately 11:30am CST, Peter “Hugbot” Napurski passed away. Pete always had a way to turn the most mundane of situations into something incredibly funny, and unexpected, that it was hard to be bored around him. His love for his friends, and desire to bring them together to embark on zany adventures was what inspired the idea for The TV Rejects, and we will always be grateful for meeting so many wonderful people since our founding.

We Love You Too Hugbot

In the days prior to Pete’s passing, the community’s expressions of love and support for Hugbot were communicate to Pete, so there is some comfort in knowing that he knew so many people cared. Knowing how much he wanted to bring people together in friendship through gaming and live streaming, I imagine that meant quite a great deal to him, and it I know it means a great deal to us.

Hugbot: Enhancing Life Through Friendship & Gaming

We would like to try and reach the goal of $5000 set in the GoFundMe set up by Porkchoppoo to help alleviate the financial burden of medical and funeral expenses. Please consider contributing what you can, or sharing the link if you can’t, and do so knowing you have our thanks.

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